FreezeControl Software

The FreezeControl software application allows seamless, automated operation of our Cryospot systems. FreezeControl is capable of controlling and automating a system from the initial vacuum pumping to modulating the helium sorption fridge for optimal hold time and cycling.


  • Controls and monitors sorption fridge and cryostat operation.
  • Controls vacuum pump, pneumatic valve and cryocooler remote on/off.  Monitors system vacuum pressure (if Vacuum & Remote Control Package is purchased)
  • User-configurable parameters to optimize your system operation
  • Logs all temperatures, pressure, heater outputs, and other system parameters
  • Macros included to control individual pumpdown/cooldown/warmup operations
  • Included scheduler allows total automation of your cryogenic system
  • Written in Python. Can be integrated and controlled with your own applications.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of the FreezeControl software.